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Our specialised online Yoga and Meditation classes, expertly guided by our team of highly trained teachers, are aimed at promoting deep [self] healing, rest and rejuvenation.

Each online, private class is 75 minutes and suitable for all ages, body types and levels of, including beginners.



Join us first for some gentle movement comprising longer-held, foundational Hatha Yoga postures designed to help release sub-conscious mental, emotional and energetic patterning that has made itself at home deep in the layers of your body.  By first building warmth and creating pranic (energetic) flow in the body, you will then feel ready to open and release into stillness through a number of passive Restorative Yoga postures, lovingly supported by props including bolsters and cushions. This, combined with system-stabilising pranayama (breathwork) and guided meditation, will leave you feeling grounded and more at home in your body and awake to the possibilities of your unfolding life.


Reclaim the balance you seek with this restful Restorative Yoga practice comprising more passive longer-held postures lovingly supported by props, including bolsters and cushions, helping you to fully open and release in an environment that is safe and nurturing. This practice will help you to engage and exercise your “self-healing muscle” via a guided journey to the inner landscape of the body. Here you will begin to understand the language it speaks and all that it’s trying to tell you. To finish, you will be nourished with a deep vibrational Crystal Bowl sound healing designed to get into your body and release physical, mental and emotional grasping for you to arrive and transform on a deep cellular level.


Join us for a deep and transformative lying, guided meditation designed to help you delve into and release the deep grooves and patterns of the sub-conscious mind. “Nidra” means sleep and in this practice, you will work to attain a state that the ancient Yogis say is the closest most will ever get to samadhi or blissful enlightenment – the ultimate goal of Yoga. It is in this place, between wakefulness and sleep, we do our deepest healing. Gentle movement and relaxing pranayama (breathwork) will first prepare the body for this ultimate rest that will break down the constructs of the mind and help you see yourself and the world as they truly are.


A deeply enriching class combining the potent practices of gentle, mindful movement (asana), breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation.  First, gentle and energising somatic movement will work to connect you more deeply to the physical workings of the body to a deeper felt-sense state. Guided pranayama (Yogic breath control exercises) will take you even further beneath the skin to facilitate a deep cellular connection with your vital energy sheath, in-turn cleansing and stabilising the mostly busy monkey mind. This, to prepare you for a fully guided meditation that will  help you to feel more balanced, consciously aware and connected.


Working with the deep connective tissues of the body, this active, mostly-ground-based practice is designed to help create balance by adding more Yin to the inherent Yang qualities of our busy life. Yin Yoga works on targeting specific areas within the body including your connective tissues, including fascia, to help bring calm to our busy and over-active bodily systems and create more space in the body by increasing pranic (energetic) flow. Each pose is held between 2 to 5 minutes granting you both the time and space to witness the unravelling of tension in the body and mind ultimately reveal that which lies beneath.


A slow and gentle, yet energising practice, incorporating longer-held traditional Yoga postures designed to activate and balance the subtle energy body, to invoke inner peace and connect you more deeply with yourself and the world around you. Guided at a comfortable and steady pace, you will also experience the potency of Pranayama (breathwork), Mudra and Meditation practices which work to direct the flow of energy (prana) in the body, stabilise the mind and bring balance to the multiple layers of your being. Moments of pause and reflection scattered throughout create a mindful practice geared towards self [re]-discovery.


A guided meditation, breathwork and yin yoga practice focusing on awakening the Shakti energy of the divine feminine.  The postures will focus on re-balancing the masculine and feminine and support you to unleash your creative, inner goddess!

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