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Our Luminary Lightbody® Yoga Experiences are private journeys guided by a highly trained yoga teacher and wellness coach. The Intention is to help you deepen your awareness of the Self that is greater than your mind and body. They are relaxing, transformative and offer you tools that you can take home and use in daily life.

Choose from 3 luminous options:

Illuminated You

Yoga of Sound

Reiki, Restore & Reset.

Illuminated you


experience the essence within


In this privately guided experience, you are guided through gentle yoga, qigong breathing exercises and guided meditation into the deeply relaxed state of Yoga Nidra. This is a state where you can receive deep healing and find emotional and mental clarity.  It is ideal for anyone feeling tired, stressed, or unable to unwind a heightened system. You will leave feeling more energized and inspired – awake to the pure luminous essence within and around you.

VND 2,250,000 for 120 mins

Yoga of Sound


tune-in to your deeper frequency

Harness and then harmonize the energy alive within you with a potent combination of Yin Yoga, pranayama (breath exercises), mantra (chanting), metal tuning forks and Tibetan bowls. Using sound to purify your light body (aura) will help you tune in to those deeper frequencies of your essential self. Moving stagnant energy and restoring vital energy to your body. You will leave feeling more in tune with the world around and more present to the miracles in your own life.

VND 2,250,000 for 120 mins

Reiki, Restore & Reset.


relax into the world around you

This powerful re-set will combine the ancient Yogic practices of asana (postures), meditation and pranayama (breath exercises) with longer hold, immersive Restorative Yoga postures. To help you achieve the deepest states of relaxation and healing your guide will also use the energy of Reiki – an ancient Japanese healing modality which utilizes Universal Life Energy to cultivate balance in the body, mind and spirit. This session will help you move from the busy landscape of your mind and invite balance back into every layer of your being. Leaving you with a greater sense of connection to yourself and the world around you.

VND 2,250,000 for 120 mins

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Want to join the experiences but have more questions, just send us a message.

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