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“Within you, there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.”

 - Hermann Hesse

This program is designed to support you in making transformative changes to your life through a unique mix of modalities, such as reiki, yoga, meditation, and intuitive healing.

You’ll learn powerful breathing techniques to ground yourself in the present moment and quieten your mind. By understanding the source of your fears and identifying your triggers, you’ll be better able to manage stress.

Our practitioners will help you find stillness and practice self-compassion in your day-to-day life. Through their therapeutic wisdom and support, you can tap into your well of strength and activate and embody your highest potential.

Your Stress to Strength includes:

•    Choice of 3, 5 or 9 sessions (90 minutes) for your transformational journey.
•    Luminary life coach to guide you through your transformation.
•    Practical tools and action steps to implement and shift daily life immediately.
•    Journal prompts to keep your inner work reflective on your wellness journey.
•    FREE E-BOOK - Ignite your Luminary Spark to continue your journey!

Program includes one complimentary online consultation of 30 minutes to customize each package to suit your personal needs.



Introductory Package

3 x 90 minute sessions

Fully customized




Immersive package
5 x 90 minute sessions
Fully customized



A deep dive package
9 x 90 minute sessions
Fully customized

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