My mission is to be a wellness advocate and disruptor, who designs, develops and delivers progressive concepts which positively impact on the wellbeing of individuals, businesses and communities.

Previously General Manager of Asia’s first spa-inclusive resort, Fusion Maia, which under my leadership gained global recognition including the highly coveted Asia Spa, Tatler and Conde Nast awards.

My wellness journey started with burnout and a crazy dream of Mount Kailash in Tibet – which I had never heard of. This sparked travels around the world visiting the 7 chakras of the earth!



My mission is to be a catalyst in the healing and awakening journey, gently guiding individuals in the removal of obstacles and limiting beliefs, while creating an alchemy of inner wisdom and clarity that uncovers the soul’s unlimited potential.

As a life long learner dedicated to continued personal growth and awakened awareness, I have studied a kaleidoscope of holistic healing modalities - Shamanic Studies, Chakra Rebalancing, Cranial Sacral, Qigong, Tibetan Death Meditation to being a certified Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master and Transformational Life Coach.

Growing up as an empath, my wellness journey started with a past life regression that heightened my awareness to the gifts of the universe and how everything is connected, always.



My mission is to promote holistic health and happiness, while alleviating pain and suffering with natural medicines, acupuncture, talking therapies, and meditation.


I have a masters degree in Oriental medicine, with specialties in pain management and women’s health.  I have also studied at seven university hospitals in China, and have done advanced training in New York and California. 


My wellness journey started with meditation, and a deep inner calling to serve people through practicing natural based medicines.  I also enjoy teaching moving arts and therapies such as yoga and qi kung, as part of a holistic health and self-improvement program.



My mission is to support individuals with their health and wellbeing; while giving the space, energy and healing to help the body and mind heal itself.


I am a trained and qualified reflexologist and Reiki practitioner, along with Indian head and Thai massage. My empathy and compassion led me to work with children and people with learning difficulties.


My wellness journey started in partnership with my spiritual awareness, in my twenties. I am passionate about meditation, yoga and Tai Chi and feel that a large part of my journey is to help others.



My mission is to determine physical complaints and their causes, explain how ‘the body works’ and guide people during rehabilitation. It is my personal challenge to help people regain confidence in their musculoskeletal system and feel fit again and operate at optimum performance. 


In the Netherlands, I studied as a Physical Therapist specialized in sports (MSc). I have experience with general musculoskeletal injuries, with a special interest and expertise in the field of knee and shoulder diagnostics and post-surgical rehabilitation.


In addition to my duties in private practice, I worked with professional soccer athletes to rehabilitate physical injuries and with a professional motocross rider to adjust his unique training plan to improve his specific physical condition.



My mission is to support individuals in their spiritual transformation, helping them to remember their origin and mission.


My Kundalini awakening put we on a clear path of transformation. Globally, I have studied with Buddhist monks and nuns, studied Tantra, Yoga, certified in Reiki, Crystal Healing and DPA Meditation by the Institute of Applied Holistic Health Sciences. Under my teacher, Archana Sufiana I facilitate transformative workshops focusing on healing the feminine wound and releasing ancestral blockages; using drama, movement, art therapy, shadow work and trauma release.


As an empath, I use various techniques, such as guided meditations, light language, energy and breathwork, creating a holistic approach to assist in your healing.



My mission to help people hone their spiritual gifts, find their love-oriented purpose, and follow their inner voice.


Graduated with a Bachelors’ Degree in multicultural counselling. I have studied chemical dependency counselling, suicide prevention and youth counselling. My qualification in Holistic Healing included training in areas such as Shamanic Journeying, Conscious Dreaming, Rebirthing Breathwork, Cranial Sacral therapy.


My wellness journey began at the age of 15 when I had an awakening as an empath and intuitive. My journey of spiritual exploration has spanned for the last 26 years travelling around the world, during that time I have been initiated in Kabbalah, Gnosticism and The Egyptian Mysteries traditions.



My mission is to support others by living a healthy and happy life, by eating a plant-based diet and creating sustainable ways to be. 

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English in 2012, and I previously worked at Karma Waters Vegan Restaurant in Hoi An.


My wellness journey started five years ago when I had pain in my knees that made it hard to walk. I went to a Vietnamese healer and was healed with natural medicine.

After that, I find health as the most important thing in my life. I decided to practice yoga to keep healthy. And I would like to learn more types of natural healing to help other people.



My mission is to help others to realise that they’re already everything they dreamed they would be. To see that there’s no need to change, to be better, or to be anyone else other than who they already are: An infinite Being with the power to heal and transform.
A committed student and experienced teacher, I am privileged to share the ancient wisdom practices of Yoga that serve to remind us of our Oneness of Spirit. My passion is Restorative Yoga, a powerful self-healing practice which can help to free trauma held in the deep tissues of the body and move us to the calm side of our nervous system for deep healing and transformation to occur.

My wellness journey started well over a decade ago with Yoga and Meditation, using the modalities to manage deep feelings of grief and anxiety through personal loss. Having experienced first-hand the incredible healing power of these ancient wisdom practices, I soon discovered that guiding others to the light by would be my life’s work.



My mission as a Reflexologist is to provide a holistic treatment considering your emotional and physical wellbeing with a personal approach. Using scientific knowledge of the body along with the art of energy healing to create a stable balance within and support healing.


I studied Health Science with complementary therapies in Ireland completing with a strong knowledge of anatomy & physiology, nutrition and holistic therapies.  Continuing my studies with courses in herbal remedies, holistic nutrition and more.


My wellness journey started in 2012 after considering to study Pharmaceuticals I became fascinated with our bodies natural healing process. I have since been dedicated to continued learning and sharing this passion with others.



Master Bodhvir's wellness journey began with intense meditation practices in the mountain ranges of India and continued in the Sonshan mountain ranges of China. He is an expert in the field of Yoga, Martial Arts & Meditations blessed by Indian Himalayan Yogis, Thai Muay Boran Masters and Shaolin monks.

He is an Instructor with two gold medals and Black Belts in three different disciplines with a vast amount of knowledge and experience in Kungfu, Qigong & Tai Chi. He is completely trained in Traditional Indian Yoga under the tutelage of documented masters.

His mission is to help others discover their true self and realize the infinite possibilities within them. He possesses great instruction abilities for people of all ages and skill levels. He works with the aim of the betterment of humanity with enlightening.



My mission is to be a compassionate spiritual guide and to hold a space of deep listening and respect for each individual’s greatness. My intention is that each person step into freedom, happiness and ease in their breath, body and life.


Certified in multiple breath-work modalities including Transformational Breathing. I have also completed spiritual apprenticeships with Adyashanti, Don Miguel Ruiz and Vanessa Stone and am a qualified yoga instructor, raw food chef and educator.


My wellness journey started with being born into a spiritual family and studying Kundalini Yoga with my yogi father, Dr. Siri Gian Singh Khalsa. My training in the art of personal freedom was profoundly impacted by an eight-year apprenticeship with Toltec Shaman Miguel Ruiz

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